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Bài tập Phrasal Verbs với Look lớp 9

Bài tập Phrasal Verbs với Look lớp 9 là một trong những dạng bài tập quan trọng, thường xuyên xuất hiện trong các bài kiểm tra và bài thi tiếng Anh.

Tài liệu bao gồm lý thuyết và các dạng bài tập có đáp án kèm theo, giúp các bạn học sinh lớp 9 có thêm nhiều tài liệu ôn luyện, củng cố kiến thức để đạt được kết quả thi vào lớp 10. Bên cạnh đó các em tham khảo thêm: ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh ôn thi vào lớp 10, Tổng hợp 150 đề thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh.

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1. Các cụm động từ với “Look” thường gặp

Cụm động từ Định nghĩa
1. Look after : chăm sóc
2. Look ahead : tiên liệu, tính toán chuyện gì có thể xảy ra
3. Look at : nghĩ về, đắn đo, tìm hiểu, học hỏi thứ gì
4. Look away : hướng cái nhìn ra chỗ khác hoặc khỏi ai đó
5. Look back (on) : nhớ về quá khứ
6. Look down on : khinh thường ai đó
7. Look for : tìm kiếm
8. Look forward to : mong đợi làm gì
9. Look in : thăm một người hoặc một địa điểm trong thời gian ngắn
10. Look on : nhìn ai đó hoặc cái gì theo một cách cụ thể hoặc nghĩ về họ theo 1 cách nào đó.
11. Look out : hãy cẩn thận
12. Look up to : tôn trọng, ngưỡng mộ
13. Look round : nhìn xung quanh xem cái gì sau bạn
14. Look through : đọc nhanh và tóm tắt
15. Look to : mong đợi, hy vọng, tin cậy ai đó hoặc cái gì đó
16. Look up : tìm kiếm thông tin trong một quyển sách, trên bản đồ hay thời gian biểu

2. Bài tập Phrasal Verbs với Look

Exercise 1: Complete the sentences with “after, ahead, back, for, forward to, in, on, out, around, through, to, up”

1. If you don’t know any words, look them __________ in a dictionary

2. Can you look __________ my cat when I’m away?

3. I woke up earlier than usual to look __________ my notes

4. Look __________! I’ve just mopped the floor and it’s wet

5. They’ll have to look __________ a few tears before they make a decision.

6. When we had a bump last week many passer-by stopped to look __________.

7. When my grandma looks __________ she can see how happy she was in her childhood.

8. Jane and she looked __________ and smiled at me when I called her.

9. My daughter is looking __________ leaving school

10. Henry has found the keys he was looking __________ all morning

11. We looked __________ our friends for support but we were disappointed

12. Yesterday afternoon I looked __________ on my grandpa on my way from work

13. The audience looked __________ delighted as the actors performed

14. I look __________ my neighbor’s kids to earn some money

15. Jeff looked __________ the magazine and put it back.

16. Our parents are looking __________ seeing us again this summer.

17. If I were you I wouldn’t look __________ your boyfriend for help

18. Looking __________ on it, I’m sure we chose the right option

19. We just looked __________ to say hello

20. If Tom doesn’t look __________, he’ll get fired soon

Exercise 2: Choose the correct answer

1. If you are looking around for a new job, you are ___________.

A. applying for a new job

B. trying to find a new job

C. worried about your new job

2. If you look out for someone who is picking you up in their car, you ____________.

A. carefully avoid getting hit by their car

B. watch the road and warn them of danger

C. watch for their car so you will see them when they arrive

3. If you look up to your English teacher, you ____________.

A. Stand up when you speak to him or her

B. Admire and respect him or her

C. Raise your head because he or she is taller than you

Đáp án 

Exercise 1

1. up 2. after 3. through 4. out 5. ahead
6. on 7. back 8. round 9. forward to 10. for
11. to 12. in 13. on 14. after 15. through
16. forward to 17. to 18. back 19. in 20. out

Exercise 2

1. B 2. C 3. B

3. Bài tập tự luyện Phrasal Verbs với Look

1. I am _____ my vacation next month.

A. Looking to

B. Looking forward to

C. Looking out for

D. Looking through

2. _____ the pot-holes in the road when you ride your bike.

A. Look to

B. Look over

C. Look out

D. Look out for

3. I can ‘t find my keys. Can you help me _____ them?

A. Look for

B. Look after

C. Look out

D. Look up

4. My friend Jacky always asks me to _____ her dog when she goes out of town.

A. Look at

B. Look after

C. Look with

D. Look to

5. I don’ t know where I am going, I need to _____ a map.

A. Look with

B. Look to

C. Look for

D. Look at

6. I really _____ my old professor. He is a wise and kind man who has inspired me to continue my studies.

A. Look up to

B. Look like

C. Look after

D. Look over

7. Could you please _____ my homework and make sure there aren ‘t any errors?

A. Look over

B. Look up

C. Look in

D. Look to

8. If you don’ t know the definition of the word you should _____ in the dictionary

A. Look it ut

B. Look it up

C. Look it out

D. Look it through

9. The president of the company did not have much time so he only _____ the meeting.

A. Looked in on

B. Looked in

C. Looked at

D. Looked down on

10. Chris and Paul have many files that they need to _____ in order to find the paper.

A. Look out

B. Look

C. Look back

D. Look through

11. Whenever I read a mystery novel I always _____ to find out the ending to the story.

A. Look after

B. Look for

C. Look in

D. Look ahead

12. Even though they are twins they don ‘t _____.

A. Look alike

B. Look like

C. Look in

D. Look out

13. She is such a snob, she is always _____ people who have less money than her.

A. Looking forward to

B. Looking down on

C. Looking for

D. Looking down

14. I forgot to _____ my plant, and now it has died.

A. Look at

B. Look for

C. Look after

D. Look over

15. The only thing that gets me through the Winter is _____ the Spring when the snow melts and the flowers bloom again.

A. Looking forward to

B. Looking down on

C. Looking ahead

D. Looking at

16. When the police could not solve the crime they asked the private detective to ____ the case.

A. Look after

B. Look back

C. Look into

D. Look out for

17. I will _____ my e-mails to see if I can find a copy of the message.

A. Looks through

B. Looks on

C. Looks in

D. Looks alike

18. I won’ t be nervous if I _____ my notes one more time before I give my speech.

A. Look ahead

B. Look for

C. Look at

D. Look over

19. What role model do you most _____?

A. Look to

B. Look up to

C. Look up

D. Look for

20. I don ‘t like to _____ on my childhood because it wasn’ t very happy.

A. Look back

B. Look

C. Look into

D. Look ahead

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