Lớp 12

Đề thi khảo sát chất lượng môn Tiếng Anh lớp 12 – Trường THPT Lê Xoay tỉnh Vĩnh Phúc

Năm học: 2011 – 2012


Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút (không kể thời gian giao đề)

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions

Bạn đang xem: Đề thi khảo sát chất lượng môn Tiếng Anh lớp 12 – Trường THPT Lê Xoay tỉnh Vĩnh Phúc

Câu 1. He lost in the election because he is a weak and __________ leader
A. undecided B. undeciding C. undecisive D. indecisive

Câu 2. My brother had his camera __________ from his car in the office car-park
A. lost B. stolen C. robbed D. missed

Câu 3. A: Would you like to meet Mrs.Bruce?
B: __________.
A. I find it very interesting B. I don’t know where she is living
C. I can make an appointment with her D. I’d love to

Câu 4. It is not __________ to be drunk in the street.
A. respectful B. respectably C. respectable D. respecting

Câu 5. __________ there are black holes in space.
A. Theorily B. Theorically C. Theoretically D. Theoricly

Câu 6. A: Do you mind if we schedule the meeting for 11 o’clock?
B: Well, actually, I __________ earlier
A. should prefer it will be B. am preferring
C. will prefer it D. would prefer it to be

Câu 7. The elderly tourists do not find the thought of climbing the hill __________.
A. unappealing B. appealing C. appealed D. appeal

Câu 8. A: Can I help you, madam?
B: __________.
A. It’s very cheap. B. No, thanks. I’m just looking
C. Right. It looks a bit small. D. Yes, it’s in our summer sale.

Câu 9. We need to __________ more of our waste and glass
A. cycle B. recycle C. tricycle D. cyclone

Câu 10. TV advertising in the late afternoon tends to __________ young children.
A. focus B. aim C. target D. point

Câu 11. The man who lives opposite us sometimes comes __________ for a cup of coffee.
A. off B. to C. over D. on

Câu 12. The hotel receptionist said she would __________ what she could do about the dripping tap immediately.
A. find B. try C. look D. see

Câu 13. We’re in good time; there’s __________ to hurry
A. no need B. impossible C. unnecessary D. no purpose

Câu 14. This statue is a lifelike __________ of Christ Jesus.
A. representation B. presenting C. representative D. presentation

Câu 15. Mr.Black: What shall I do when I want to call you?
Nurse: __________.
A. Stay here and enjoy yourself B. You shall find the red button
C. I’d come every ten minutes D. Press the red button on the left

Câu 16. All his plans for starting his own business fell __________.
A. away B. through C. in D. down

Câu 17. Mr. Smith is a __________ person. If he says he will do something, you know that he will do.
A. dependent B. depending C. dependable D. independent

Câu 18. My teacher is very __________ .
A. known B. knowledged C. unknowledged D. knowledgeable

Câu 19. I had a __________, which I couldn’t explain, that something terrible was going to happen.
A. view B. thought C. feeling D. sense

Câu 20. They had to walk up a very __________ hill every day.
A. straight B. sharp C. steep D. stepped

Câu 21. Please accept this cheque as a __________ of your services.
A. recognising B. recognisation C. recognisement D. recognition

Câu 22. He will do the work, and then send you the __________ for it
A. addition B. note C. sum D. bill

Câu 23. Customer: Can I have a look at that pullover, please?
Salesgirl: __________.
A. . Sorry, it is out of stock. B. Which one? This one?
C. Can I help you? D. It’s much cheaper

Câu 24. Don’t worry ! Our new product will keep your bathroom clean and __________.
A. odourful B. odour C. odourlessly D. odourless

Câu 25. She was singing an old Spanish folk song, a favourite of __________.
A. hers B. her own C. herself D. her

Câu 26. __________ are unpleasant, but it will be nice when we get into the new house.
A. Moves B. Removements C. Movements D. Removals

Câu 27. A: I’d like to change some money
B: __________.
A. What’s your account number? B. Five tens, please
C. You haven’t signed it. D. Which currency?

Câu 28. The __________ horse ran away from the fire.
A. fright B. frightened C. frightening D. frightful

Câu 29. The police car collided with a fire __________.
A. enginer B. engine C. engineer D. engineering

Câu 30. There is too much __________ in this world.
A. greedness B. greed C. greediness D. greedy

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction.

Câu 31. Usually the climate in mountainous areas becomes much windy at higher altitudes.
A. much windy B. the C. at higher D. Usually

Câu 32. Children enjoy telling and listening to ghosts stories, especially on Halloween night.
A. on Halloween night B. especially C. ghosts stories D. telling and listening

Câu 33. The Concorde can fly across the Atlantic without re-fueling and carrying 11 tons of freight.
A. of freight B. across C. without D. carrying

Câu 34. The novel and the short story are the literary forms most commonly called “fiction”, but contemporary narrative poetry and drama were also forms of fiction.
A. most B. narrative C. forms D. were

Câu 35. As a child grows on, its physical health is affected by many elements in the air, water and food.
A. many elements B. on C. is affected D. by

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to the original sentence in each of the following questions.

Câu 36. Despite having few passengers, the coach to Dover will still leave according to schedule.
A. The coach to Dover is going to depart as planned, even though there aren’t many people on it.
B. If the bus for Dover leaves right now, there won’t be a lot of people travelling on it.
C. The coach that goes to Dover only carries a small number of passengers.
D. There are quite a few people travelling on the bus to Dover, so it will be departing soon.

Câu 37. It couldn’t have been Mary that you heard shouting last night, as she is vacationing in Vermont at the moment.
A. Right now, Mary is having a holiday in Vermont, so it is impossible that it was she whose shouting you heard last night.
B. Are you sure it was Mary who shouted to you last night, because, as far as I know, she is on vacation in Vermont at the moment?
C. I think Mary is on holiday in Vermont now, so you may be wrong in thinking that you heard her yelling last night.
D. If it was Mary that you heard yelling last night, then she can’t be taking a vacation in Vermont at the moment.

Câu 38. It is much easier to walk home from here than get on a crowded minibus.
A. While it’s not easy to get on a crowded minibus, it’s better than going home on foot.
B. People generally walk home from here rather than use the minibuses, because they are always full.
C. If the minibus is full, I will probably just choose to walk home from here.
D. It is a lot more difficult to squeeze into a full minibus than to go home from here on foot.

Câu 39. There were over two hundred people at Carl’s trial, most of whom believed that he was not guilty of the crime.
A. Carl had not committed the crime, and so more than 200 people came to his trial to show their support
B. When it was announced that Carl had been found not guilty of the crime, there were over 200 people in the audience at his trial.
C. The majority of the more than 200 people at Carl’s trial didn’t think that he had committed the crime.
D. Over 200 people coming to Carl’s trial must have influenced the fact that he was not found guilty of the crime.

Câu 40. Until I saw her for myself, I didn’t think that Naomi had been badly wounded.
A. Naomi hadn’t been hurt very badly, and I became aware of that at the time that I saw her.
B. It was only when I saw Naomi that I realized how seriously she had been injured
C. Before I had seen Naomi’s wounds, I had supposed that they were extremely bad.
D. As soon as I saw Naomi, I knew that her injuries were very serious

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