Mầm Non - Mẫu Giáo

24 đề thi thử Đại học môn Tiếng Anh

Practice Test 1

Phần 1: Chọn từ có cách phát âm khác

1. a. best b. rest c. verb d. arrest

2. a. she b. sea c. sit d. meet

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3. a. niece b. piece c. pie d. pizza

4. a. look b. good c. wood d. too

5. a. home b. come c. some d. sun

Phần 2: Chọn đáp án đúng

6. “ How many pages…………… so far?” a. have you studied b. did you study c. do you study d. had you studied

7. We are too late. The plane …………… off ten minutes ago. a. has taken b. took c. had taken d. was taken

8. “What a lovely boat!” “I ……………half a year building this boat.” a. spend b. spent c. spending d. have spent

9. How …………since we …………school? a. are you/ left b. have you been/ have left c. were you/ left d. have you been/ left

10. I think John …………..tomorrow. a. would come b. come c. will come d. comes

11. After he ———— his driving test he bought a car. a. had passed b. pass c. passed d. passing

12. When I got to the office, I ———– that I had forgot to lock the door. a. realized b. had realized c. realize d. have realized

13. When she was 21 she ————– across the United States. a. drove b. drive c. driven d. was driving

14. He often ———— so nervous before his exams. a. feels b. felt c. was feeling d. had felt

15. How long have you ————- he was a liar. a. been knowing b. knew c. know d. known

16. I’m sorry. I don’t understand what —————–. a. you say b. you’re saying c. you will say d. you would say

17. ————- to the radio when you get up everyday? a. Do you listen b. Are you listening c. Was you listening d. Did you listen

18. My sweetheart ————— smoking next week. a. will give up b. is going to give up c. gives up d. gave up

19. There is no red wine? I ————– white, then. a. am going to have b. have c. will have d. am having

20. When the phone rang she ———— a letter. a. writes b. will write c. has written d. was writing

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