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6 NHL Teams That Can Win The 2023 Stanley Cup! ????????

6 NHL Teams That Can Win The 2023 Stanley Cup! ????????
6 NHL Teams That Can Win The 2023 Stanley Cup! ????????

List of all-time NHL standings [1]

The following is a list of the all-time records for each of the 32 active National Hockey League (NHL) teams, beginning with the first NHL season (1917–18), with regular season stats accurate as of the end of all games on October 13, 2021, and playoff stats accurate as of the end of the 2020–21 NHL season and 2021 Stanley Cup playoffs.[1] Teams are sorted by the overall percentage of points accumulated out of points available (two times the number of games played) throughout NHL history.. In the NHL’s points system, a team is awarded 2 points for a win (regardless if earned in regulation, overtime or shootout), 1 point for a tie, 1 point for an overtime loss, and 0 points for a loss.[2] The overtime loss statistic (abbreviated as OL, OT, or OTL) was introduced into the NHL’s points system in the 1999–2000 season
As a result of the 2004–05 NHL lockout, which canceled the entire 2004–05 season, the league adopted a shootout to determine the winner of a game which is still tied after an overtime period.[3] This feature, introduced in the 2005–06 season, eliminated ties from the game.[4]. As of the end of the 2021–22 NHL regular season, the Montreal Canadiens have the most games played with (6,869).[1] The Toronto Maple Leafs have one fewer game played, and having been in the league as long as Montreal, were tied with the Canadiens for the most games played
The Canadiens additionally lead all NHL franchises in wins (3,495), ties (837), and points (8,013).[1] The Maple Leafs lead all NHL franchises in losses (2,850).[1]. The Vegas Golden Knights have the highest point percentage among active NHL teams (.622), while the Seattle Kraken have recorded the lowest point percentage (.366)

Full List Of Stanley Cup Champions By Year [2]

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Out of the 32 active teams in the NHL, 11 have never won the Stanley Cup. They are the Arizona Coyotes, Buffalo Sabres, Columbus Blue Jackets, Florida Panthers, Minnesota Wild, Nashville Predators, Ottawa Senators, San Jose Sharks, Seattle Kraken, Vancouver Canucks and Winnipeg Jets.
They are the Montreal Canadiens (23), Toronto Maple Leafs (13), Detroit Red Wings (11), Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks (6), Edmonton Oilers and Pittsburgh Penguins (5), Ottawa Senators, New York Rangers and New York Islanders (4), New Jersey Devils, Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning (3), Montreal Maroons, Philadelphia Flyers and Los Angeles Kings (2).. The 2023 Stanley Cup was won by the Vegas Golden Knights, who beat the Florida Panthers in the Stanley Cup Finals.
|2021||Tampa Bay Lightning (3rd)||Montreal Canadiens|. |2017||Pittsburgh Penguins (5th)||Nashville Predators|

Ranking the Greatest Repeat Stanley Cup Champions in NHL History [3]

Ranking the Greatest Repeat Stanley Cup Champions in NHL HistorySeptember 18, 2013. Ranking the Greatest Repeat Stanley Cup Champions in NHL History
Of those Original Six teams, only the Canadiens, Leafs and Red Wings have ever won consecutive titles. The Blackhawks will try to join that group this season.
In this piece, we rank the eight best teams that have won back-to-back titles.. Note: Any team that won three consecutive titles or more is only counted once

1960 Stanley Cup playoffs [4]

The 1960 Stanley Cup playoffs began on March 23, after the regular season ended. It was the tournament to determine the 1960 Stanley Cup professional ice hockey championship of the National Hockey League (NHL)
Montreal, in the process, became the last Cup winners in NHL history to go perfect in the playoffs to date. After winning the Stanley Cup, Maurice Richard retired from the NHL as a champion.
The Toronto Maple Leafs, though, had a slightly tougher time against the Gordie Howe led Detroit Red Wings as it took the Leafs 6 games, including one in triple overtime, to win the series.. |March 24||Chicago Black Hawks||3||Montreal Canadiens||4|

List of NHL playoff series [5]

Series featuring National Hockey League (NHL) playoff series relocated teams are kept with their ultimate relocation franchises. Tables are sorted first by the number of series, then the number of wins, and then alphabetically.
1933, 1935, 1936, 1938, , 1939 , 1941 1948, 1949, 1951, 1959, , 1969 , 1972 , 1974 , 2013 , 2018. , 1927 1928, , 1929 , 1939 1940, , 1958 , 1970 , 1972 1973,
1930, 1931, , 1934 , 1938 , 1941 1944, 1946, 1953, 1959, 1960, , 1961 , 1962 1965, 1968, 1971, 1973, 1976. , 1934 1941, , 1944 , 1961 1963, 1964, , 1965 1966, , 1970 , 1985 1987, , 1989 , 1992 1995, 2009,

10 Unique Stanley Cup Matchups We’d Love to See This Season [6]

10 Unique Stanley Cup Matchups We’d Love to See This SeasonJanuary 15, 2021. 10 Unique Stanley Cup Matchups We’d Love to See This Season
Because travel between the countries has been slowed to a standstill, the league sequestered the seven Canadian teams into their own North Division while geographically realigning the remaining three clusters of U.S.-based teams and setting forth on a regular season of exclusively divisional play.. Playoff competition will also be division-based for the first two rounds, with the top four teams in each making the tournament and facing off in series matching seeds No
4 and matched up again for a pair of series that will determine the Stanley Cup final.. The reconfigured divisions and the plan to reseed for the playoff semifinals paves the way for championship-round matchups that never would have been possible under the previous alignment.

NHL Teams With Most All-Time Playoff Appearances [7]

– The Montreal Canadiens have the most playoff appearances in NHL history with 85.. – The Vegas Golden Knights have the least appearances of all active teams with just 4.
The Montreal Canadiens hold the record for the most all-time playoff appearances with a total of 85, while the Vegas Golden Knights have the least appearances of all active teams with just 4.. NHL Record for Most Consecutive Playoff Appearances
The Bruins advanced to the playoffs every season from 1967-68 to 1995-96.. BetMGM has you covered not only during the Stanley Cup playoffs, but throughout the NHL season

List of the most frequent NHL playoff series [8]

This is a list of the most frequent NHL playoff series.. |1.||34||Montreal Canadiens||25–9||Boston Bruins||2014|
|3.||17||Montreal Canadiens||12–5||Chicago Blackhawks||1976|. |4.||16||New York Rangers||9–7||Montreal Canadiens||2017|
|6.||15||Montreal Canadiens||8–7||Toronto Maple Leafs||1979|. |7.||14||Toronto Maple Leafs||8–6||Boston Bruins||2013|

Top 10 NHL Rivalries of All Time [9]

The sport of hockey is known for its physicality and intensity; in the NHL, many notable rivalries have spawned between teams league-wide. These feuds have lasted for many decades, involving great players and coaches and resulting in violent brawls, shouting matches, and even injuries
The rivalry between the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens is widely considered the greatest and most intense rivalry in the NHL. First meeting in the playoffs in 1929, the two teams quickly cemented their rivalry status by returning to the playoffs in the following two seasons.
Although Boston managed to win two Stanley Cups from the 1940s to the 1980s, they failed to beat Montreal every time they met in the postseason, leading to a bitter feud filled with fights and mayhem. In the 1990s, the Bruins began a winning streak, eliminating Montreal from the playoffs four out of five times between 1990 and 1994.

Stanley Cup playoffs: Breaking down all 16 teams for 2023 [10]

While the Boston Bruins set all sorts of records during the regular season, their total in the win column is back to zero along with those of the 15 other clubs looking to win the sport’s ultimate prize. But the Bruins’ chase of the perfect capping of a record-breaking season is not the only storyline this spring:
– Is this the year the Toronto Maple Leafs finally get past the first round?. – Do the Edmonton Oilers get good enough goaltending so the Connor & Leon Show can reach the Stanley Cup Final?
Clark and Kristen Shilton take a look at each of the 16 postseason teams, offering the reasons each team could win it all, along with the (potentially) biggest flaws, players to watch and a bold prediction for every contender.. Note: Profiles for the Atlantic and Metropolitan playoff brackets were written by Shilton, while Clark analyzed the Central and Pacific clubs

NHL Playoffs: Game 7 history, statistics and more [11]

Game 7, the best two words in sports, is currently a major trend in the 2022 NHL Playoffs. There are three Game 7s scheduled for Saturday and two for Sunday
There’s a ton of history to sift through, but we got you covered.. Here’s everything you need to know about Game 7s in the NHL playoffs from the last 83 years:
From 1939 through 2021, 182 playoff games have gone to a Game 7.. In 2022, these first-round matchups will have a Game 7: Boston Bruins-Carolina Hurricanes, Tampa Bay Lightning-Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers-Los Angeles Kings, New York Rangers-Pittsburgh Penguins and Dallas Stars-Calgary Flames.

The Seattle Kraken made the Stanley Cup playoffs. Here’s what to know [12]

Raised on the pick-up pond-hockey culture of Toronto, Pipes opened The Angry Beaver in 2012 as a space for fans of the sport – and because he was tired of asking reluctant Seattle bartenders if they would change the channel to watch hockey.. He didn’t expect Seattle would have its own NHL team a few years later
Now, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are kicking off today (April 17) with the Kraken locked into the first of two wild-card slots in the Western Conference. And last week, the Kraken became the second team in league history to reach the milestone of 100 points in one of their first two seasons.
If you’re dead-set on going to a home playoff game, expect Ticketmaster queues and prices higher than the already-expensive regulation home games. If you do score seats, arrive early so you don’t miss the pregame opening – which includes a light show and robotic tentacle descending from Climate Pledge Arena’s rafters.

Canadian teams stopped winning the Stanley Cup in 1993. What’s going on? [13]

The Edmonton Oilers were eliminated from the NHL playoffs on Monday, ensuring that one of the strangest streaks in pro sports will continue for another year. No Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup since 1993
It’s all but the trophy’s permanent home these days.. Canadians are, to put it mildly, not thrilled about this.
This isn’t about the whole “Canada’s Team” debate, which was conclusively settled here. Many Canadian fans would never sell out for the Oilers, Habs, Leafs or any other team other than their own.

Top 10 Playoff-Making Teams [14]

The Detroit Red Wings, the City of Detroit, Michigan minor hockey, the National Hockey League and the entire hockey family lost a great champion this week when Mr. In honour of him and the legacy he has left for all hockey fans, we have pulled this Top 10 list from our archives and updated it — the Red Wings moved from 10th to sixth in the seven years since it was first published on Apr
After 82 regular-season games, about half the pack is immediately disqualified from moving on. The criteria for making the playoffs have changed over time
Back then, it was difficult to not make the playoffs as six out of seven teams qualified, a whopping 85% of the league.. For the first time in 1979-80, 16 teams made it through to the quest for Lord Stanley’s Holy Grail

Biggest celebrity fans for all 16 Stanley Cup playoff teams [15]

In honor of the 2023 Stanley Cup playoffs, we’ve identified a starting lineup of celebrity fans for all 16 NHL teams in the postseason.. The roster: Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Conor McGregor, Bill Burr
Carell is one of the better hockey players on this list. The Massachusetts native played at several levels and confirmed his rooting interests during the 2019 Stanley Cup Final
Massachusetts native Burr tweets about the Bruins regularly.. McGregor, one of the most famous MMA fighters, visited the Bruins locker room and dropped the puck at a game in 2019

Detroit Red Wings – Canadiens rivalry: notable moments, stats and more [16]

Our history – The historical website of the Montreal CanadiensBack to homepage Back to homepage. Logo evolution1925-1930 (Detroit Cougars) 1930-1932 (Detroit Cougars) 1932-1934 1934-1948
W Wins – Games the team has won, either in regulation or in overtime. PTS Points – Team points, calculated from W, L, T, OTL and SOL; used to determine standings
GP Games played – Number of games the team has played. W Wins – Games the team has won, either in regulation or in overtime

NHL Teams With The Most Championships – [17]

The National Hockey League (NHL) is ice hockey’s premier professional league. It features the best athletes, the most viewers, and the most sought-after trophy – The Stanley Cup.
Every NHL player wants to get their name on the trophy next.. But many people aren’t familiar with the history of NHL championships
We’ve answered all these questions and more in the sections below, so keep reading to get the information you’re seeking.. The Stanley Cup is the oldest trophy awarded to a professional sports franchise in North America

Number of Stanley Cups won by team 1915-2023 [18]

The Stanley Cup Finals are the culmination of the National Hockey League season in which the winners of the Eastern and Western Conferences compete for the oldest professional sports trophy in North America. The Montreal Canadiens have won the Stanley Cup a record 24 times since 1915
National Hockey League – number of Stanley Cups won by team from 1915 to 2023. – Total revenue of the National Hockey League 2005-2021
– Revenue of National Hockey League franchises 2021/22. – Average operating income per team/franchise in the NHL 2005-2022

The Stanley Cup playoffs: all 16 contenders reviewed and ranked [19]

The puck drops on the NHL’s second season on Wednesday, and contrary to last season, when it appeared as if the field was wide open, there’s now a handful of teams that have to be considered Stanley Cup favorites. And within that group, there’s still a variety of styles of teams to watch: it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see veteran units like the Boston Bruins or the Pittsburgh Penguins hoist the Stanley Cup in June, nor would it come as a shock for the young cores of the Winnipeg Jets or the Toronto Maple Leafs to end Canada’s cup drought as well.
It’s a difference from last season but if there’s one thing that carries over: the current NHL playoff format still stinks, super hard.. Current form Winners of just two of their last seven, the Avalanche still got a decisive win on the second-last day of the season over the St Louis Blues, who finished just one point behind them in the playoff race.
How they can lose The Avalanche are a bottom-five team in terms of puck possession. Player to watch After being part of a historically bad team last season, MacKinnon has become the player so many expected him to be after he was drafted first overall in 2013 : NHL : Most Frequent Playoff Match-ups [20]

NHL : Most Frequent Playoff Match-ups – ALL PLAYOFF ROUNDS. 2014 Montreal Canadiens 4 – Boston Bruins 3 !! Conference Semi-Finals !!
2009 Boston Bruins 4 – Montreal Canadiens 0 !! 1st Round !!. 2008 Montreal Canadiens 4 – Boston Bruins 3 !! 1st Round !!
2002 Montreal Canadiens 4 – Boston Bruins 2 !! 1st Round !!. 1994 Boston Bruins 4 – Montreal Canadiens 3 !! 1st Round !!

List of the most frequent NHL playoff series [21]

This is a list of the most frequent NHL playoff series in the National Hockey League’s history.. 23 Toronto Maple Leafs 12–11 Detroit Red Wings 1993 3
15 Montreal Canadiens 8–7 Toronto Maple Leafs 1979 4. 12 Detroit Red Wings 7–5 Montreal Canadiens 1978 10
9 Toronto Maple Leafs 6–3 Chicago Blackhawks 1995 12. 8** Minnesota/Dallas (North) Stars 6–2 Edmonton Oilers 2003 15

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, Records, Stats and Historical Data [22]

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, Records, Stats and Historical Data. Historical Stanley Cup Playoff data for 7-game series
Elimination games are ones where that team would lose the series with a loss.. The “Series Results When…” chart shows the distribution of series results given results so far
|Regular Games||2425-1867||.565||474-283||.626||471-285||.623||377-380||.498||368-388||.487||388-242||.616||234-208||.529||113-81||.582|. |Overtime Games||429-436||.496||71-65||.522||79-67||.541||76-80||.487||67-81||.453||69-67||.507||42-53||.442||25-23||.521|



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