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How to Make Polls on Twitch: A Simple & Easy Guide [1]

This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Darlene Antonelli, MA. Darlene Antonelli is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow
She earned an MA in Writing from Rowan University in 2012 and wrote her thesis on online communities and the personalities curated in such communities.. Did you know that creating polls in your Twitch streams is an effective way to increase audience participation and to get a feel for what your viewers want? If you’re a Twitch Affiliate or have Partner status, you can create polls using the chat command /poll
This wikiHow article teaches you easy ways to make a poll on Twitch.. – You can only create polls if you’re an Affiliate or Partner with Twitch.

11 Ways to Significantly Increase Live Stream Viewers [2023 Update] [2]

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11 Ways to Significantly Increase Live Stream Viewers [2023 Update]. Live streaming software has been incredibly valuable for businesses in today’s video-dominant world
Starting your first live stream and instantly getting thousands of viewers would be nice, but that’s unrealistic. To increase live stream viewers, you need strategy and action
This post will teach you how to get people to watch your live streams on your website and social media platforms. We will also discuss why you want to stream live video and the value of increasing stream viewership for your business.

How to Get Viewers on Twitch – 67 Expert Methods [3]

While streaming can be a very rewarding career, you need to have a solid strategy to get more viewers on Twitch. Over 90% of streamers typically stream to less than 3 people, but there are steps that can be taken to help you reach a wider audience and grow on the platform.
Twitch doesn’t have strong systems in place to help small streamers be discovered. In most cases, if you want to grow on Twitch, you will need to build your fan base on another platform and funnel them to your channel
Here are a few ideas for the different platforms you can use:. As you are starting out on Twitch, it is very difficult to get your channel seen if you are streaming oversaturated games

How to Make Money on Twitch – Advice & Tips [4]

A content creator’s guide to maximize YouTube earnings. How much does YouTube actually pay? How many video views do you need? In this guide we’ll look at some of the effective methods for making money on the platform.Read this article →
There’s other kinds of content, too, but games reign supreme. Twitch has also become a viable way for gamers (and other streamers) to make money
In this article, we’ll explore how you can monetize Twitch.. Twitch offers a number of different methods to monetize your account, either directly or indirectly

the ultimate step-by-step guide! [5]

A Twitch poll is a great way to interact with your community, but you need to be at least an Affiliate on Twitch to create a poll since this feature is restricted to them and those with Partner status. To reach Affiliate, you need to hit the following benchmarks:
– An average of 3 concurrent viewers or more over the last 30 days. Don’t worry though, you can also rely on chatbots to create a poll even if you aren’t an Affiliate yet! Popular tools such as Nightbot can replicate a lot of Twitch chat’s restricted functionality for those who are still in the process of growing their channels
If you want to learn more about how to have more activity in your chat, here’s how to interact with your Twitch chat in other ways. We’ve also got you covered if you’d like to know more about Twitch chat logs and how to use them properly!

How to Make a Poll in Twitch [6]

As a Twitch streamer, you may want to increase the engagement of your community by encouraging conversations using polls.. In this article, we’ll discuss ways to create polls in Twitch and the best broadcasting software to use
When creating one for the first time, the setup is as follows:. – Sign in to your account and click on your profile picture at the top-right hand corner.
– Select the “Manage your poll” option from the “Grow Your Community” section.. – From your “Quick Action List,” select “Manage Poll” > “New Poll.”

How to make Twitch Polls step-by-step during streamings [7]

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·They help you discover what your community really thinks about something you ask.. ·They allow you to interact with your viewers so that they can tell you their opinion and feel involved in the stream.

How To Make Polls On Twitch [8]

One of the best ways to increase viewer engagement on your stream is by using polls. In this article I will go over how to create polls on Twitch to help you increase engagement with your viewers.
– A window will appear titled “Create a New Poll” where you will customize your poll.. – Once you have customized your poll click “Start Poll” and your poll will begin.
If you do not have a “Manage Poll” button then you can click the plus button under the quick actions section and add the manage poll button.. Once you have entered the command or pressed the button, this is what the “Create a New Poll” window will look like.

How to Make a Poll on Twitch: 2 Options You Can Try [9]

Polls are an excellent tool for Twitch streamers to engage with their viewers and get real-time feedback on a variety of topics.. Whether you’re looking to gauge interest in a new game, ask for opinions on your content, or simply want to interact with your audience, Twitch polls can help you achieve your goals.
The first thing you need to make a Poll on Twitch is Affiliate or Partner status on the platform.. After you’ve become a Twitch Affiliate or Partner, you can simply create a poll by typing “/poll” on the chat or accessing the poll menu through the creator dashboard.
– Click the profile icon > choose “Creator Dashboard” on your top-right menu. – Look on the right, click (+) on the “Quick Actions”

How to Make a Twitch Poll [10]

A Twitch poll can be made by using the chat command “/poll”. Polls can only be started by the broadcaster or stream moderators
When the /poll command is sent the poll creation menu will be opened.. The poll menu allows you to enter a custom question and multiple voting options
When you have entered all the requirements you will need to set time duration. The Twitch poll can then be created using the “Start Poll” button.

How to Create Polls in Twitch [11]

Adding a poll to your Twitch stream is a great way to engage with your viewers. It allows you to learn more about your community and have them engage with your gaming decisions in real-time.
– Twitch Affiliate or Partner account – Twitch Polls are only accessible to Affiliates and Partners only. Affiliates is a Twitch recognized status for streamers who have consistently streamed and built a community on Twitch
For example, Xsplit or Open Broadcast Software, OBS.. Once your Twitch account is Affiliate status, you’ll have access to your Polls located in your dashboard.

Polls and Predictions [12]

Creates a new prediction for your channel with 2 outcomes. If you want to create a prediction with more than 2 outcomes, you can use Create Prediction command instead.
|Prediction Name||String||Question displayed for the prediction. |Dur.(s)||Number||Total duration for the prediction in seconds.|
|Login Name||Dropdown||Your Twitch login name (all lowercase characters)|. |Prediction Name||String||Question displayed for the prediction

How to create polls on Twitch [13]

Twitch polls are a way for streamers to get their follower’s opinions. This is a better-organized and quantifiable way to know this than the usual messages posted in real-time in the live chat
And the streamer can make decisions about the streaming.. Like any other poll, there will be a question that the viewers of a Twitch channel have the possibility to answer by choosing one of several options given by the streamer
The bad news is that not everyone can create polls on Twitch. Let’s see who is qualified to do so, how they are made, and other questions you are probably asking yourself about polls on this social network and streaming platform.

Using polls on Twitch for increased engagement [14]

You can use polls to interact with your Twitch community, to increase their engagement, and even encourage them to sub by e.g. Your community only has to send a message to Twitch chat to make their vote – which is something everyone on Twitch can do! Including your community watching you from a mobile device.
Setting up and managing your polls is also quick and easy on your side – all done through your dashboard. Your Twitch mods can also fully manage your polls, helping you free up your hands.
That way you can quickly get them going while you’re live, avoiding any dead air or waiting.. – (Optional) Adjust the description of the poll in the

Twitch Poll Overlay [15]

Like Straw Poll but embedded in your stream with themes. Takes less then 30 seconds to get it up and running in OBS
– 1.32.1FIXFixed issue where clearing saved polls didn’t work. – 1.32.0FIXAdded error message for when Twitch chat is broken and the bot can’t connect
– 1.31.2FIXFixed bug where current game was not being used. – 1.31.1FIXReset voting bars when poll finishes instead of when starting

How Do I Create A Poll On Twitch [16]

To create a Twitch poll, enter the command “/poll” into the chat window. To initiate polls, only the broadcaster or stream moderators have the authority to do so
When the /poll command is issued, the poll creation menu will be displayed on the screen.. Using the poll menu, you can create a custom question as well as multiple voting options for it
After you’ve entered all of the requirements, you’ll need to specify a time frame for when you want to complete the project. The “Start Poll” button can then be used to begin the process of creating the Twitch survey.

Twitch: how to create platform polls for viewers [17]

One of the things that makes Twitch a great streaming platform is its ability to communicate with your favorite streamers. Or vice versa; streamers can read their viewers in real time
Creating polls is easy and will help you learn more about your audience. And, on the other hand, voting in polls is an additional way to interact with your reference streamers.
You can ask what games you should play in your upcoming live broadcasts or topics to cover in your broadcasts, ask your followers what they are doing, what their favorite movies are, or which streamer you should try to stream as a group or invite to your recording studio.. In addition, any of the viewers can vote in the polls created

How to make a poll on Twitch [18]

GAMERS can interact with viewers on Twitch using the poll feature to share their opinions and vote with each other.. But how can you make use of this snazzy feature on the live video streaming service? Read on to find out.
They can be started at any time but only one poll can be run at once.. Streamers can gather feedback from their community and engage with them as they play.
– Click on the Create a New Poll button on your Dashboard if you’ve never made one before.. – If you have started one before, you’ll see two options – to make a New Poll or to view the results of your last one.

Polls [19]

With Twitch polls, you can drive interactive elements on your stream, showing your viewers choices in real time! You could also create polls when certain actions happen, or setup some pre-defined polls, and just assign the actions to keys on your StreamDeck (or TouchPortal) for quick and easy access!. The usage of Polls within can be a bit more complex, so be sure to ask in the Discord if you get stuck!
Because how some of this is handled, it is recommended that Execute C# code is used for these as some logic maybe required. Note if there are variables missing that you think maybe of benefit, let me know and I can likely add them in
I’ve added a few comments to it which hopefully will help you get it setup for your usage. If you still have questions, be sure to ask them in the discord!

Nightbot Docs [20]

The !poll command allows you and your moderators to easily create polls using Straw Poll.. options are the individual options your users can vote for
!poll new Should I bake a pizza? | yes | no | maybe. will return a new StrawPoll with options yes, no, and maybe:
This command will output the most recent poll’s results. StrawPoll Results: yes: 5 votes, no: 3 votes, maybe: 4 votes

darmiel/twitch-poll-overlay: This is a small project to evaluate “1” and “0” polls in Twitch streams, and display them live in the stream. [21]

This is a small project to evaluate those “1” and “0” polls in Twitch streams, and display them live in the stream.. The overlay can be used without further registration or installation.
Note: The hosted version collects the following data about the usage of the overlay: Channel Name and Timestamp of the request. The easiest way is to use the Parameter-Builder for twitch-poll-overlay
If you resize the browser source afterwards with your mouse, problems will occur.. body { background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); margin: 0px auto; overflow: hidden; }

Introducing the Streamlabs Poll Widget [22]

Every Twitch streamer knows that there are many different ways to engage with your viewers. Numerous tools from Streamlabs are available to help streamers interact with their chat, including the chatbox, alerts, and event lists.
This widget is an easy way for you as a streamer to create polls and surveys for your viewers in real-time. It also makes it easy for you to see the results right there on the screen! If you want to get feedback from your audience or simply want to give them a voice on stream, this is the perfect tool for you.
Want to jump right in? Click here to start configuring your Poll widget from the Streamlabs dashboard.. Step 1: Launch Streamlabs Desktop, go to the sources tab, and click on “Add a New Source.”



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