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Bounty [1]

A Bounty is a public reward of credits posted by the authorities to encourage the capture or destruction of a Commander who has committed a crime. It is the most common consequence of law-breaking in the galaxy, since most security forces lack the resources to pursue criminals beyond a given star system or interstellar territory
Bounties and Fines never expire, but can be paid off; Notoriety decays over time provided that the offender lays low.. Fines are earned for minor infractions such as high-speed collisions in a starport’s no-fire zone, abandoning transport missions, and being caught with stolen goods.
Fortunately, Fines can be cleared at the station’s security contact – just pay the fine and you’re good to go. Unlike bounties, having a Fine won’t draw aggressive attention from the system’s police/security forces, and it isn’t legal for Bounty Hunters to destroy a ship just for having a Fine; you can safely dock at a station without having to resort to the same kind of covert docking techniques as favoured by smugglers or pirates

Gettting rid of bounties. [2]

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Went to a station on the surface of a planet, warned for trespassing, not sure what was going on I got the second warning, figured this might not be a place I could land on, turned arround, warned again (each time increasing fine) and got bountied.. I went to another location on the same planet, I was almost about to land, meters away, a ship scans me and detects the bounty
I’m ok with the fines, like in real life, not knowing the laws does not free you from consequences but a wanted level meaning people would shoot me down at sight is ridiculous. There should be a status for infractor where local police could threat you to “pull you over” make you maintaing position and scan your ship further and collect the fines or something but not to the point of having the same consequences as being space Jack Sparrow

Dive into anything [3]

The official unofficial subreddit for Elite Dangerous, we even have devs lurking the sub! Elite Dangerous is a space simulator game by Frontier Developments based in the year 3309. Your CMDR flies spaceships and participates in exploring a 1:1 scale Milky Way, trade between star systems, bounty-hunting wanted ships, discover alien lifeforms, and even pirate other ships for their cargo.

Bounty Voucher [4]

A Bounty Vouchers is a type of claim earned through combat against criminal ships and skimmers. They can be redeemed at any station’s local security office for their full value in credits, or at an Interstellar Factor contact for a 25% reduction in value.
In general, the larger and higher-ranked a ship is, the more credits its Bounty Voucher will be worth. Collected Bounty Vouchers can be viewed under the Transactions tab of the left HUD panel
– Resource extraction sites seem to yield the highest bounties by far.. – Make sure to use a Kill Warrant Scanner to maximize potential bounty gains, if possible

Hand Yourself In [5]

Why cant I pay at Jameson?Look for a system with an interstellar factor. You have to pay bounties at IF, and can only do so if you have 0 notoriety.Why cant I pay at Jameson?
The easiest system to do this in from there is CD-33 8748 at Viktorenko Holdings station.. You have notoriety, which prevents payment.Notoriety level?
That System Authority Anaconda was in a wrong place at a wrong time. Or perhaps that Navy interdiction happened at a really bad time, and someone had to pay for it

18 How To Get Rid Of Bounty Elite Dangerous Quick Guide 05 [6]

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Elite Dangerous | How To Clear Your Bounty | Tutorial 2021. Elite Dangerous | How To Clear Your Bounty | Tutorial 2021
It is the most common consequence of law-breaking in the galaxy, since most security forces lack the resources to pursue criminals beyond a given star system or interstellar territory. Bounties and Fines never expire, but can be paid off; Notoriety decays over time provided that the offender lays low.

Got a bounty, how do I clear it :: Elite Dangerous Discussions générales [7]

简体中文 (chinois simplifié) 繁體中文 (chinois traditionnel) 日本語 (japonais) 한국어 (coréen) ไทย (thaï) Български (bulgare) Čeština (tchèque) Dansk (danois) Deutsch (allemand) English (anglais) Español – España (espagnol castillan) Español – Latinoamérica (espagnol d’Amérique latine) Ελληνικά (grec) Italiano (italien) Magyar (hongrois) Nederlands (néerlandais) Norsk (norvégien) Polski (polonais) Português (portugais du Portugal) Português – Brasil (portugais du Brésil) Română (roumain) Русский (russe) Suomi (finnois) Svenska (suédois) Türkçe (turc) Tiếng Việt (vietnamien) Українська (ukrainien) Signaler un problème de traduction. There was a skimmer sentry vehicle guarding the crash
I assumed I’d get a small bounty on me, and possibly shot at, but I was in a cheap ship at the time, so I wasn’t too worried about it. I never did take a look at who owned the skimmer I shot, but I assume it was federation because…
I noticed I had the words “wanted” in red on my HUD, and so wasn’t too surprised when I arrived at the station and federation ships blew me up before I could land. I looked at my Transactions tab and noticed I had a Dormant bounty I think from federation, but I don’t recall the time on it

getting rid of bounties : Elite Dangerous [8]

getting rid of bountiesBoard Index » Gaming » Elite Dangerous » getting rid of bounties. Ok guys if i get a bounty on me short of be killed how do i get rid of it? Been hanging out in res area making a few extra bucks
Even tried going to dock then docking got scanned going in. The bounty system was changed when I was away last year
I found it easier to just wait it out in many cases, guess it depends on how big the bounty is.. The bounty system was changed when I was away last year

How do I get rid of my bounty elite dangerous? [9]

THE ONLY WAY to get rid of bounties as of the latest ED version (27.03. 2018) is to pay them using Interstellar Factors – found under the “contacts” tab in stations
With Interstellar Factors you can pay any bounty in any system – including fines.. There are three main ways to get rid of a bounty: paying it, serving jail time, and using your Thaneship to get out of it
They can be redeemed at any station’s local security office for their full value in credits, or at an Interstellar Factor contact for a 25% reduction in value.. How long does it take for a bounty to go away Elite Dangerous?

Can’t get Rid of Bounties and Fines [10]

I have a Bounty and a Fine on my head as well as a Bounty Claim, when I’m on foot and use the TRANSACTIONS panel of the blue disk-shaped menu in first-person mode. When I’m in a settlement and authorities scan me they “see” those fines and the bounty, are snarky about it, but don’t react when it does not affect their jurisdiction
Also I can’t cash in my bounty claim anywhere at IF.. But I can’t pay off those fines/bounty at Interstellar Factors no matter if I’m on foot and use a terminal at a station that has IF or in my ship via the usual “contacts” panel.

Elite Dangerous Crimes, Fines & Bounties [11]

In Elite Dangerous you can get fines and bounties depending on what actions you have done. Crimes can range from simple accidents like minor collisions, to in-game murder and come in a “minor” or a “major” category:
You will receive a fine for minor crimes like running into someone in your ship you will be given a fine. If a fine is left unpaid for 7 days, it will mature into a bounty and you will get wanted status in that system.
If you are destroyed, you still need to pay your fines.. Legacy fines are what bounties are “converted” to if the bounty you have is either cleared or expires after 7 days.

What Did You Do? achievement in Elite: Dangerous [12]

The game seems to have been patched subsequent to this solution being written. The method still works, however it appears that you now have to amass the bounty from a single faction
If you have success using this solution, comment and let me know. Make sure to give Deevius’ solution a read too, since he did a lot of work figuring out how things have changed post-patch somewhere.Bounties
Jump to any system you don’t plan on using for a week (or you can split this across multiple systems). Kill 19 non-wanted ships in total (these may have to be from a single faction after an update to the game)

How to get rid of wanted tag? [13]

How can I get rid of the wanted tag? When I try and leave the station the security just destroys the ship straight away. You need to pay it to become “unwanted”.– b00nNov 18, 2014 at 8:36
This information is out of date as of version 1.3 of the game.. If you are Wanted you will have a bounty on your head
If you are in space then if you will not be allowed to dock with a station that is controlled by the faction that you are wanted with (and they will shoot at you too). In this case you will need to fly to a station belonging to somebody else to pay the fine.


Classic Elite, with its roots set deep in the history of space trader sims, was especially focused on finding and capitalizing on the most efficient way to gather in piles of space bucks for that next space truck upgrade. While it is true that Elite: Dangerous has come a long way from its roots and expanded the career options available, the fact is that it is still largely a traveling merchant sim will cause boredom and many players will still struggle to be very efficient at the less obvious choices.
MMOs are particularly well known for exploiting this underlying fact of the human condition to force players to perform a repetitive task over and over for infinitesimal gains in currency.. The most universal forms of the grind in MMOs is the senseless genocide of NPCs of all races
EverQuest, in its heyday, had an entire social etiquette built up around the holding and waiting for monster camps. Eve has turned the art of belt and anom ratting into a precise science focused on squeezing out every last bit of ISK per hour.

Crime and Punishment [15]

Crime and punishment is a system that punish certain CMDR actions that are classified as “criminal behaviors”. Typically, those who commit crime will accumulate fines, bounties and notoriety, which invites other players to hunt them down or attracts the attention of system security forces.
Fines are accrued for minor offenses while bounties are accrued for major offenses. Fines and bounties are faction-specific, which means in either condition, the CMDR will be restricted to station services that is controlled by that faction who gave out the fine or bounty
Fines are recorded against the CMDR who committed the crimes, regardless if they are in their ship or on foot at the time. Fines are the lowest level of infringements that a CMDR gets handed with

PMC Elite Dangerous – Bounty Hunting [16]

– find a system with an asteroid belt for mining (Resource Extraction Sites). – fit your Viper with laser weapons and a Kill Warrant Scanner
Occasionally you will come across a wanted Anaconda. You must always check to see if there are more than four (or maybe even three if you’re brave) NPC ships shooting at it
Wait for the NPCs around you to take it down to approximately 50-35% hull. If you wait for any later than this, the Anaconda can sometimes just go from 30% hull to 0% hull in a second, and you lose any chance at killing it

Welcome to the Apocalypse [17]

The infamous crime lord Don Antonaci has hacked into the Pilots Federation database and issued every pilot in the galaxy with a 1,000,000 credit bounty. The notorious criminal has also threatened to send the galactic economy “back to the stone age” if his demands are not met.
“I want every pilot in the galaxy to head to the Wolf 359 system. Once there, you must hunt down all wanted pilots and collect as many bounties as you can.”
“To make sure everyone takes part, I’ve put a one-million credit bounty on all registered pilots. If other Commanders don’t kill you, the police will.”

Elite: Dangerous Guide [18]

Any person can collect a bounty by killing a wanted player/NPC. Your ship scanner will detect whether a target is clean or wanted in the system that you are currently in
Most bounty hunting is done at RES (Resoure Exctraction Sites) and Navigation Beacons since most wanted ships appear in both locations. Nav Beacons are good for hunting NPC and player bounty hunters, while RES are good for hunting pirates.
Stray shots from weapons tend to be causes of this problem, and for this reason, will cause the player to gain their own bounty. To claim a bounty, all a player needs to do is destroy a target with a wanted bounty on them and destroy the ship

Help with Bounty Removal Thread [19]

I was not sure where to place this thread, but since I intended it to be a place where people that wish to have their bounties removed can ask for help it seemed logical to place it in this section. I ask the moderators to check if it’s alright, and if not to move this thread to its respective section =)
Now, I’ve looked for answers everywhere for two days and I’ve seen that there’s still a lot of confusion about the topic of player bounties. So first I will explain what I have learned from my experiences as clear as I can and try to help clear the doubts anyone else has.
A system you rarely visit and where you have a bounty is not much a problem; however, it so happens that two important ships I had were stationed (and still are by the time of this post’s original time) in a station in the Ross 720 system. The bounty was set to last for 6 days if I recall correctly.



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