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18 which country has legal banned ponytails and mullets Tutorial

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Why Are Ponytails Banned In Some Japanese Schools? #shorts

Why Are Ponytails Banned In Some Japanese Schools? #shorts
Why Are Ponytails Banned In Some Japanese Schools? #shorts

Beard and haircut laws by country [1]

Secular[citation needed] laws regulating hairstyles exist in various countries and institutions.. In the Armed, Paramilitary and Law enforcement forces of India, male Sikh servicemen are allowed to wear full beards as their religion expressly requires followers to do so
Non-Muslims and non-Sikhs serving in the Indian Army or the Indian Air Force are not permitted to wear beards. However, Army personnel on active duty are sometimes exempt from facial hair regulations for the duration of their tour of duty if their deployment makes it difficult to shave
In a stated attempt to preserve the culture of the country and combat cultural imperialism, the government of Iran has banned “Western hair styles” for men, including ponytails, mullets and spikes.[6]. Radio Free Asia reported in 2014 that the North Korean government had a recommended list of 18 hair styles for women and 10 hair styles for men, and that some colleges had recommended male students model their hair after Kim Jong-un.[7] However, Dr

Mullets are having their moment. Here’s why the hairstyle is trending [2]

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Love it or hate it, it’s hard to escape the trending hairstyle of the moment: the mullet.. From the football field to school classrooms, the quintessential Australian haircut has made a grand comeback in recent years.
But since 2020, it’s back and better than ever – and not without good reason.. Queensland-based hairdressers Justine Cobham and Louise Sanders have seen an influx of mullet requests in the past two years.
I’ve just done two this morning,” Ms Cobham told SBS News.. Queensland-based barber shop Death By Mullet receives dozens of mullet requests every week

Why Iran banned the mullet [3]

This story was originally covered by PRI’s The Takeaway. The Islamic Republic of Iran recently released a list of hairstyles that are approved for people in the country
The BBC’s Behzad Bolour told PRI’s The World, that the police may “stop you, they take you, and I’ve seen some videos of inside the police station, they cut your hair and they treat you a bit rough.”. The government may try to justify the laws under Islam, but they’re inherently political, according to Bolour
It’s not just a political thing, it’s a political distraction, Azadeh Moaveni, author of Lipstick Jihad: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America And American in Iran, told PRI’s The Takeaway. The crackdown on haircuts may seem funny, but it serves as a reminder to the Iranian people to keep looking over their shoulders and remember who’s in charge

Iran banned this most American of hairstyles [4]

At least, not for the most American of all possible hairstyles: the mullet. The mullet is so American, in fact, that it’s banned in Iran for precisely that reason
The haircut was on a list of “decadent Western haircuts” that were banned, alongside ponytails, spiked hairstyles, and long hair in general in 2010.. The year was a difficult one for Iran, coming on the heels of the Green Movement, which protested the 2009 Presidential election and pushed for the removal of the Iran’s much-reviled (but reelected anyway) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
It’s fun to laugh at the idea of banning an American hairstyle that itself has been the butt of thousands of jokes for decades, but the reality is a little less funny. The hairstyle ban is part of a series of punishments from the anti-Western Cultural Ministry and part of the reprisals against the Iranian people for the Green Movement protests.

11 things that are banned in other countries but legal in the U.S. [5]

Babies in Canada have to learn to walk the old-fashioned way. The country banned once-popular baby walkers in 2004, after they were found to endanger babies and delay motor and mental development
A school cafeteria without ketchup? It’s un-American! In 2011, France banned the tomato condiment from school cafeterias in order to preserve French cuisine. The one ironic exception: Students can still eat ketchup on French fries.
Cuba was the first to the finish line when it brought in CFLs and banned the sale and import of the old-school bulbs in 2005. Meanwhile, other countries in Europe and Asia steadily move toward replacement.

Western Hair Cuts – Iran – From Black Cars To Scrabble: Strange Bans Across The World [6]

From Black Cars To Scrabble: Strange Bans Across The World. Car owners in Turkmenistan can’t buy a black car because their President, Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov, has banned them as he feels they are unlucky
In March 2014, Burundi’s President Pierre Nkurunziza banned jogging because he feared that it was being used as “a cover for subversion”. Several opposition leaders were jailed for breaking this law and many more given life imprisonment
In February 2016, the country’s home minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi banned wearing yellowcoloured clothes after protesters wearing yellow T-shirts created havoc on the streets, demanding Prime Minister Najib Razak’s resignation. The demand for his resignation arose from allegations of embezzlement and corruption

Mullets banned? Iran mulling hairstyle restrictions. [7]

Mullets banned? Iran mulling hairstyle restrictions.. Mullets could be soon outlawed in Iran, where the government is considering issuing guidelines that would require hairstyles to be business in the front and the back.
Although the Ministry of Culture has yet to officially adopt the styles presented by the Veil and Modesty Festival, the private organization said approval is pending. It would be the first such rules for men’s hair styles since 1979 Islamic Revolution.
Clothing and hair styles have become a highly visible political statement in Iran since the first stirrings of the reform movement in the late 1990s. Many young women have tested authorities by allowing more hair to spill out from under their head scarves and wearing shorter and tighter coverings

9 Things That Other Countries Deemed Illegal And The U.S. Finds Perfectly Suitable [8]

9 Things That Other Countries Deemed Illegal And The U.S. There are a lot of things that are illegal in the United States, but there are even more, seemingly random,Â
Anyone in possession of, or selling a baby walker, can face fines up to $100,000 or six months in jail.. If you didn’t think the French were snooty before, get ready
In 2010, the Ministry of Culture in the Islamic Republic of Iran banned what they considered “decadent” western hair styles for men. (Personally, I think banning mullets worldwide would be a good choice, get on that UN.)

Japanese Schools Have Banned Ponytails Claiming They Could ‘Sexually Excite’ Boys [9]

Japanese schools have banned female students from tying ponytails, claiming that the hairstyle “sexually excites” males. Japan’s schools are infamous for imposing absurd strictures, such as those on length of socks and colour of underwear, reports VICE World News
“They’re worried boys will look at girls, which is similar to the reasoning behind upholding a white-only underwear colour rule,” the teacher told the publication. He added that students are compelled to accept these norms because there is very little criticism against them
This is only one of the many draconian rules in Japanese schools, known as buraku kosoku. Japanese schools’ strictures are not just regressive but also arbitrary

13 Strange Bans By Government Around The World [10]

Top 13 Strange Bans by Governments Around the World. Iran provides a list of pre-approved hairstyles to choose from
The crackdown came out in 2010 and it seeks to promote the Islamic culture by eradicating any Western influences within the nation.. Be it a Mohawk, an outdated mullet, elaborate spikes, or ponytails, men will face harsh consequences for choosing them
The administration strongly advocates short and conservative haircuts. The police have conducted raids on salons offering Western-style haircuts for men and alerted the owners to abolish the haircuts or to shut down the salon.(1,2)

Quirky Bans In Iran [11]

Jagged hairstyles, body tattoos, solarium treatments, and the plucking of eyebrows for men are the latest fashion statements to be banned in Iran.. But they are by no means the only things that can get a man in trouble
Here is a list of some of the clothing and fashion accessories that face restrictions in the Islamic republic:. Iranian shopkeepers are banned from displaying female mannequins sans a hair-covering head scarf, or ones that highlight bodily curves.
Male shopkeepers are also banned from selling women’s underwear.. Last year, Iran’s Cultural Ministry unveiled what they called “Islamic mannequins.”

22 bizarre things you didn’t know were banned or illegal around the world [12]

Some explorers want to experience culture and food while others are boarding planes in the hopes of discovering history and nature in far off destinations.. But no matter why you’re traveling abroad, it’s good to remember that some places have rules, regulations, and laws that may seem foreign to you.
You aren’t allowed to be reincarnated without permission in Tibet.. Buddhist monks in Tibet are not allowed to be reincarnated without permission from the Chinese government
While it would be pretty hard to enforce this rule, it seems like it was created to insult the Dalai Lama and hinder his influence on the public.. There’s a limit on when and how much you can use ketchup, mayo, and vinaigrette in French schools.

Iran Bans Mullets [13]

In an effort to rid the country of “decadent Western haircuts,” the Iranian government has unveiled a new list of state-sanctioned hairdos . Unfortunately for some, mullets, ponytails and eyebrow plucking didn’t make the list
– Here’s How Implementation Will Work, writes Roshanak Taghavi at the Christian Science Monitor: “Proposed hair styles will vary by region and once they are formally approved, Iran’s culture ministry will post pictures of acceptable haircuts at men’s salons and barbershops throughout the country, according to domestic media reports… Until now, only women faced public warnings, jail, and even beatings for unIslamic attire.”
And barber shops catering to western styles, can be shut down,” writes Aliyah Shahid at The New York Daily News. “The plan is being implemented together with the University of Tehran and the local association of barbers ‘in order to avoid inappropriate hairstyles and encourage an Islamic culture.’”

Men cannot have long hair in this country [14]

Ponytails are out but side-partings and Elvis quiffs are in. Not the latest fashion advice from a celebrity magazine, but a list of acceptable male hairstyles issued by the Iranian government.
The list of banned styles includes ponytails, mullets and elaborate spikes. However,quiffs appear to be acceptable, as are fashioning one’s hair in the style of Simon Cowell or cultivating a 1980s-style floppy fringe.
Using hair gel is also within the law, albeit in modest quantities.. The “journal of Iranian hairstyles approved by the ministry of [culture and Islamic] guidance” was previewed at a government-approved hairdressing show in Tehran.

17 Countries That Have Made Strange Things Illegal [15]

1.Iran implemented a strict rule banning “ponytails, mullets, and long, gelled hair for men” in 2010.. 2.In Indonesia, you can carry a maximum jail sentence of 32 months for masturbating
3.A 2014 law passed in Russia mandates that blogs must register as a media outlet and disclose personal data who have 3,000 visitors a day.. 4.You cannot spank children at school, or at home, in Sweden and they also banned ads for children
5.Since 2013, Canadians aren’t allowed to use more than 25 pennies in a single transaction. The law was put in place to help lessen the burden on the Canadian economy and government.

8 Unusual Bans From Countries Around the World [16]

Each country around the world has its share of laws that may seem absurd to people who don’t live there. Some of these laws are “out of this world”, but others abide by their unique cultural norms and customs
To maintain the culture of Iran, they enforced a law that forbids men to don Western hairstyles, which includes ponytails, mullets, and spikes. Instead, men are encouraged to style their hair in ways inspired by Iranians’ complexion and culture.
However, in Barcelona, their regional laws have switched up, and they now ban nudity and semi-nudity on the streets.. The ban on making and selling chewing gum in Singapore took effect in 1992, including both bubble and dental chewing gum

Here are some curious things that have been banned in other countries but legal in the U.S. [17]

Most countries ban things like certain drugs and maybe guns. Maybe you aren’t allowed to drink on certain days in some countries, or not at all in others
But there are some interesting things that are banned in some countries which we have no problem with in the United States.. Baby walkers are found everywhere in the United States but go to Canada and you’ll find that they are banned
Possessing or selling a baby walker can land you in jail for six months or cost you $100,000 in fines.. The “mullet” hair style may not be all the rage here in the United States, but it’s still allowed

18 Bizarre Things That Have Been Banned Around the World [18]

18 Bizarre Things That Have Been Banned Around the World. Yes, there’s actually a country that bans its citizens from wearing blue jeans.
They were banned in 2004, meaning babies can only crawl until they learn to walk on their own. If you’re caught with a baby walker in your possession (or you’re selling one), you can be fined up to $100,000
In France, these three condiments are limited in public schools. The rule was put in place in an effort to improve the dietary quality of the schools’ meals for the students



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