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Green Monster [1]

The Green Monster is the common name for the left field wall at Fenway Park, in Boston, MA, whose height is 37 feet.. When the wall was first built during the 1934 renovation, it was plastered with advertising
A manual scoreboard is located in the base of the wall. Since the late 1990s, advertising (in tasteful green and white) has flanked the scoreboard.
It stands unusually close to home plate and is unusually high. The result is that it is impossible to hit a line drive home run to left field at Fenway Park, as any well-hit ball just crashes into the wall, but on the contrary what would be a routine fly ball in any other park has a chance of clearing the fence if hit sufficiently high in the air

Wally the Green Monster [2]

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His name is derived from the Green Monster, the nickname of the 37-foot 2-inch wall in left field at Fenway Park. Wally debuted on April 13, 1997.[1] Although he was an immediate success with children, he was not as well-received by older fans
According to the Boston Red Sox, Wally has been a long-time resident of Fenway Park, residing in the Green Monster wall since 1947. He wears Red Sox jersey #97, indicating the year of his emergence from the wall, and consistently wears his team-issued size 37 cap.

About Wally the Green Monster [3]

TV Show: I’d rather be reading! Movies: Field of Dreams, Monsters Inc.. A friendly monster named Wally once made his cozy home in a section of Boston called The Fenway
Looking out his window one wintry morning, Wally saw workers building a big, beautiful baseball park right in his neighborhood.. It would be called Fenway Park and soon his hometown team – The Boston Red Sox – would move in to play there
On April 20, 1912, the Red Sox played their first Opening Day game at Fenway Park.. Determined to go, Wally disguised himself with a clever mask and a Red Sox jersey which covered up his beautiful green fur

10 Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park Facts You Never Knew About [4]

10 Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park Facts You Never Knew AboutJune 6, 2011. 10 Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park Facts You Never Knew About
But even after 110 seasons and thousands of games, there’s still quite a bit the average Red Sox fan doesn’t know about his/her favorite team.. Now, there are least 25 diehard Red Sox fans that can say they do.
Along the way these fans learned a piece of baseball history firsthand from some of those that lived it.. Here’s a look at 10 Red Sox facts you probably never knew.

Green Monster [5]

The Green Monster is a popular nickname for the 37-foot-2-inch-high (11.33 m) left field wall at Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball. The wall is 310 feet (94 m) from home plate and is a popular target for right-handed hitters.[1]
It is made of wood and was covered in tin and concrete in 1934. A manual scoreboard is set into the wall, which has been there, in one form or another, at least as far back as 1914 (see photo at right)
For most of its history it was simply called “The Wall”.[2]. The Green Monster is the highest among the walls in current Major League Baseball fields; it is the second highest among all professional baseball fields (including minor leagues), as in 2007 it was surpassed by the left field wall of WellSpan Park in York, Pennsylvania, which is approximately 6 inches (15 cm) taller.

Which city is the green monster located in? [6]

The “green monster” sounds quite dangerous, doesn’t it? Well, there are no mysterious monsters in Boston.. The thing is that the Green Monster is just a famous nickname for a wall! We guess that most baseball fans know it, but we will inform you anyway: the monster’s height is about 36 ft

Green Monster [7]

One of the most recognized features in baseball today is the 37-foot-high left-field wall at Fenway Park, known affectionately as the Green Monster. The origin of the wall’s distinct color, which is copywritten by the Red Sox, dates back to 1947, when then-owner Tom Yawkey decided that he wanted to minimize the amount of advertising present in the park and had all of the signage on the left-field wall covered with green paint.
The wall runs parallel to Lansdowne Street and the distance from home plate to the left field foul pole is only 310 feet, according to the number posted at the base of the wall in that spot. Because of the odd dimensions of the park, the Monster has been both a blessing and a curse to hitters past and present

In Baseball, what is the Green Monster? (with pictures) [8]

The Green Monster is the nickname of the unusually high left-field wall at Fenway Park, the home of Major League Baseball’s Boston Red Sox. At 37 feet, 2 inches (11.33 m) tall and painted green, the wall, which can be seen in the photo below, is considered to be the most unusual and recognizable feature in any major league ballpark
Officially, the distance from home plate to the wall is 310 feet (94.5 m) down the left-field line, although some estimates and unofficial measurements indicate that the distance is possibly as little as 304 feet (92.7 m).. Fenway Park, which is shown in the photo below, was built in 1911 and 1912 on a small, asymmetrical city block in the Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts
There also was no room for grandstands beyond left field. To keep non-paying customers from watching games from the street, a 25-foot (7.6-m) wooden fence was constructed

Famous for Its Green Monster, Fenway Hones Its Green Thumb [9]

Famous for Its Green Monster, Fenway Hones Its Green Thumb. BOSTON — There’s more green at Fenway Park than the infield or the monster wall.
The produce is used in food and cocktails sold at the concessions, at nearby restaurants and in the team’s flagship restaurant, which prepares meals for more than 30,000 people during home games.. The 5,000-square-foot garden on the third-base side of Fenway has turned a previously unused part of the historic stadium into the largest of a handful of farms that have sprouted up in major league stadiums, said Chris Knight, manager of facilities services and planning for the Red Sox.
“This is great because although a lot of people love to come to Fenway and eat a hot dog, some people don’t want to eat a hot dog, they want to eat something else — maybe a salad or a wrap with vegetables in it,” Bunker said.. The garden is unique because the crops are grown in milk crates, which make it possible to move the farm if needed, said Jessie Banhazl, whose company, Green City Growers, is responsible for planting and maintaining the garden.

After 20 years, Red Sox’s Green Monster seats still hold their appeal [10]

BOSTON — On the final day of the 2002 season, Jason Varitek stepped to the plate in the bottom of the seventh inning with the Red Sox up by a run on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.. He crushed a solo homer to left, the ball landing in the net above the Green Monster.
“That’s the only offensive stat I remember,” said Varitek, now the team’s game-planning coordinator.. Over that 2002-03 winter, the Red Sox installed seats above the Green Monster in an effort to revitalize the ballpark after bids to move the team to a newer space.
“Whenever I have friends that come in, if those seats are available, I’ll make sure they watch the game up there and they say the experience is unique,” said manager Alex Cora, who played his first game at Fenway as a member of the Dodgers in 2004 and watched his first home run into the seats off the bat of Olmedo Saenz.. “It was the coolest thing ever, like ‘wow, this is different,’” Cora said.

Green Monster [11]

The Green Monster is the nickname of the thirty-seven-foot, two-inch (11.3 m) left field wall at Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox baseball team. The Green Monster, which is only 304–310 feet from home plate, is a popular target for right-handed hitters.
Despite the name, the Green Monster was not painted green until 1947; before that it was covered with advertisements. For most of its history it was simply called the wall.
The York wall, however, is smaller horizontally, making the Monster’s approximately Template:Convert/sqftTemplate:Convert/track/abbr/onTemplate:Convert/track/disp/Template:Convert/track/adj/. Ballparks occupied by professional baseball teams have often featured high fences hiding the field from external viewers, particularly behind open areas of the outfield where bleacher seating is low-lying or non-existent

Fenway Park | Definition, History, & Facts [12]

Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.. Fenway Park, baseball park in Boston that is home to the Red Sox, the city’s American League (AL) team
Taylor was looking for locations to build a new ballpark, and later that year his father bought more than 365,000 square feet (33,900 square metres) of land in the Boston neighborhood of Fenway-Kenmore. In September work began on a stadium that Taylor called Fenway Park; while he claimed the name was inspired by the location, some suggested it promoted his family’s company, Fenway Realty
The first baseball game at the stadium was played on April 9, 1912, with the Red Sox defeating Harvard College in an exhibition match. The first professional game there was held on April 20, a 7–6 Red Sox victory over the New York Highlanders (later Yankees)

Closing Shot: Monster Of An Idea [13]

Seating above the famed outfield wall at Fenway Park was so popular that the Red Sox took the concept to the minors, where it’s been a big hit as well.. The Green Monster seats at Fenway Park became some of the hottest tickets in baseball.getty images
The original section — 269 fixed seats and room for 150 more fans to stand — made its debut in the 2003 season and sits 37 feet above the left field wall. The concept was conceived and carried out by architect Janet Marie Smith (who was hired by Red Sox owner John Henry to oversee the re-imagining of Major League Baseball’s oldest ballpark), along with Boston-area DAIQ Architects and Kansas City-based Crawford Architects.
“When we went to Boston for the presentation, we were bullish on the idea, but there was definitely skepticism about it,” Murphy recalled. “The question that kept getting asked in the room was ‘Will people buy them?’ John Henry came in and we said to him ‘We think you could charge $30 a seat, or $45 or $60.’ He said ‘$60? I think we’ll be charging $300 a seat!’”

White Sox leaving their mark inside Fenway Park’s Green Monster [14]

BOSTON — The White Sox left their mark this weekend on Fenway Park, literally speaking.. Several Sox players ventured inside the Green Monster in left field to etch their names on the walls of the hallowed structure, a tradition that dates back decades at the place billed as “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark.”
“We’ve had a great time, especially with the White Sox here,” said Green Monster scorekeeper Aaron Kanzer. “A lot of the younger guys like to come back here because it might be their first time at Fenway and the older guys say, ‘Hey, you’ve got to go out there and sign.’
Tilson and Tim Anderson made return trips to the Monster on Sunday morning to look for their names.. Everett Tilson” on Saturday, using his middle name prominently in a tribute to his grandfather and namesake, Everett Tilson

Greenville building its own Green Monster [15]

A few days before Opening Day, the Drive, the Class A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, will introduce their new ballpark to fans and players.. The park, still awaiting a name, is being referred to as West End Field due to its location in the historic West End district of the South Carolina city
When the Greenville Braves left town, the Bombers took over. But a short stint left the community wondering if it would ever house another Minor League team
“They stepped in here last February and sort of stuck it out in old Municipal Stadium last season,” said Greenville general manager Mike deMaine. “They were more focused on this season so had to rush the process to get the new ballpark up and running in just 10 months.”

Where Did The Original Green Monster Scoreboard Go? [16]

Where Did The Original Green Monster Scoreboard Go?Resume. Ask die-hard Boston Red Sox fans what they love most about their team’s home ballpark, and the answer is invariably the Green Monster left field wall, with its manually operated scoreboard.
The scoreboard, which for the 2011 home opener is showing a deplorable 0-6 season start, has only been there for 10 years.. The original was installed in 1934, during the ballpark’s last major construction before the current ownership began renovating Fenway in 2001
If you get on the Mass Pike right where it nudges up against Fenway Park, you have to drive west on I-90 for 1,600 miles. After another 50 miles of corn and soybean fields broken up by herds of heifers, right there off the highway is a company called Counterpart, Inc.



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