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Does toothless know that hiccup was the one who shot him down? [1]

We all know that Hiccup shot down toothless at the beginning of the first movie, leading to their friendship and toothless losing half of his tail. Hiccup shot down toothless, causing him to lose half his tail and hindering his ability to fly on his own
But if you look at it from toothless’s perspective, it couldve been any viking that did that, not necessarily hiccup.. It was pitch black out when the shot happened, you could barely see hiccup or toothless
Another thing is that toothless was quite far away from hiccup when the shot happened, and he was looking in a completely different direction, making even harder for toothless to make out that it was hiccup who shot him.. The last thing to consider here is whether or not toothles understands humans

Hiccup Haddock/Relationships [2]

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The relationships of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III.. Throughout the series, Astrid develops as Hiccup’s crush, rival, best friend, girlfriend, fiancée and eventually wife
However, unlike all the other teenagers, Astrid (and Fishlegs) hardly ridiculed Hiccup but did not do anything to help him. When he tried to impress her, Astrid remained unaffected during their round with Meatlug
Despite her animosity with Hiccup, Astrid still threw him on the ground when she thought Toothless was going to attack them, willing to protect him. After a romantic flight with him and Toothless, she changed her view on Hiccup, Toothless, and dragons all together.

List of Race to the Edge episodes with… [3]

Season 2 Episode 6: The Zippleback Experience – Hiccup is captured, tied up, and threatened with torture.. Season 3 Episode 1: Enemy of My Enemy – Hiccup is captured and comes close to being branded.
Season 3 Episode 13: Defenders of the Wing Part 1 – Hiccup is knocked out with a dart, tied up, and later had a sword to his throat.. Season 4 Episode 3: Midnight Scrum – Hiccup is captured and fought over by bounty hunters.
Season 4 Episode 7: The Longest Day – Hiccup is severely sleep-deprived and gets knocked around by dragons.. Season 4 Episode 8: Gold Rush – Hiccup is captured by the Dragon Hunters.

A Smallish Viking With A Longish Name on Tumblr [4]

His head pounded with a vengeance, his back ached from the hard fall, and his arm was on fire. Toothless was nowhere to be seen, having been separated in the crash, and he didn’t know when help was going to arrive
Forcing his eyes open, he faintly saw the remaining Dragon Flyers approaching him from the distance, but for some reason, he didn’t care anymore. But the thought of his friends and family sparked a flicker of movement in his legs
Shaking his head, Hiccup spat out the blood that came from his injured tongue and reached out to grasp his palm against the rock. He knew he had to fight to survive, until the gruesome end.

Not Weak, a how to train your dragon fanfic [5]

This story is dedicated to Daniela123, as she requested a story focusing on Hiccup’s phantom pains. Astrid had warned Hiccup about running himself ragged
Unfortunately, Hiccup -from stubbornness or just from his wounded pride- kept on pushing himself. After all, Viggo made him feel something that he had not felt in a very, very long time
He had it when Toothless was almost taken from him on several occasions from the Berkians or his father. He had it whenever he was bullied by Snotlout or Dagur in the past.

Angelina’s Fanfiction Recs : How To Train Your Dragon [6]

Organized by pairing (or gen) and then alphabetized by title. Summaries (which have been copied from their respective stories) and descriptions are provided
A Banished Beast – Continuation of Scauldron’s Cove, but still an individual story. A deadly beast unknown to Hiccup and his friends haunts the village for Hiccup himself, wanting to retrieve its possession and feast on his blood
It’s a bit short in places and sometimes that makes some plot hole more apparent, but overall the plot is thought through and the creatures the author creates are believable. A Warrior, A Mentor A Brother, A Friend – A collection of drabbles and oneshots revolving around Gobber’s relationship with the Haddocks over the years

A Little Welding Never Hurt [7]

Warnings: Graphic Descriptions of an Injury, Mentions of Drug Use. Hiccup tries to befriend the Armorwing, and it’s all going well until his prosthetic falls off and the dragon tries to help and weld it back on.
The dragon flicked its tail in agitation, snapped out at him, and Hiccup jumped back.. “Whoa, whoa! It’s okay! It’s me! Remember me? I helped you!”
“Snotlout, the Flyers would have come after the Armorwing anyway,” Hiccup explained. “You know, because of the Dragon Eye lens.” He stepped away from the dragon, closer to his friends, who were in the bushes

Genuine Night Fury Of A Woman [8]

Prompt: Hurt in the crossfire/friendly fire + Accidentally Hurt By Friend. Warnings: Physical injuries, panic/anxiety, suggestive lines
Notes: There are probable influences from fandom and whatnot in this story. This story is based off a post by @howtodrawyourdragon that talked about this sort of thing happening
This takes place in the Race to the Edge episode Not Lout, but diverges from canon. Hiccup watched as Snotlout and Hookfang’s flying begun to deviate in what looked and sounded like panic from both of them, most likely Snotlout, but clearly Snotlout’s panic was also rubbing off on Hookfang.

Saving Hiccup (fanfiction) [9]

Toothless and I were gliding about the suface of the ocean trying out a new tail.I had spent half a week on perfecting, it helped with gliding, but was not good for gaining altitude and sharp turns. After we got a few hours away from a island, nearby berk, I spotted something with my spyglass, and island, one i had seen before but never gotten to explore
we landed on one of the beaches and walked toward the forest area. I jumped off toothless’ back and after a few minutes of walking in the forest toothless’ pupils slit , like they do when he sences danger
We were staring at the bush, waiting for an attack from the thing inside the bush,when I heard a female voice say,” Tell your night fury to stand down.” I heard a clicking noise, and unmistakable noise, it was a crossbow clicking into place. I looked around the bush for the woman, but saw no one

How to Train Your Dragon / Fanfic Recs [10]

Proof that the remaining 10% is worth flying for here:. These are recommendations made by Tropers for How to Train Your Dragon Fan Fics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page
You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.
Helpfully sorted by character and type of fanwork via the nifty links in the sidebar. Features lots of projects, both oneshots and chapters fics, from a variety of authors, including some gifted artists as well

How to Train Your Dragon: Hiccup the Useless, Pt 1 by HorrorFan6 on DeviantArt [11]

Author’s Note: Fair warning, this story is going to get dark. I promise I am perfectly fine, I’m not depressed, and I’m not having suicidal thoughts
I just wanted to give you a little warning in advance. The sixteen-year-old boy grimaced and looked up from his prone position on the ground
He ought to have been able to walk around market without his leg giving out from underneath him. Yet here he was, on his stomach in the middle of the square with Vikings all rushing over to help him stand, his dragon Toothless staring down at him with unmistakable worry.

Obligatory nerd-blogging [12]

Anonymous asked: Oh my goodness please link some hiccup whump. Oh anon, you’re down for a treat because this is hella long list.
Aftermath – What happened during the night Hiccup got struck by lightning. Cry – 4 years after the first movie, Hiccup realizes the heaviness of his injury
Night Fury Down – Hiccup and Toothless are shot down in battle by the Berserkers and are stranded on an island. The Winner of Every War – AU where Toothless kills Hiccup in httyd 2



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