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Hollow Knight Essence Guide [1]

Many elements in Hollow Knight connect it into the Metroidvania masterpiece that it is. One of the essential things in this indie game is Essence
This Hollow Knight Essence guide will demonstrate how you can get enough Essence for all in-game rewards needed for 112% game completion.. Warping using the Dreamgate is one of the advantages you get collecting Essence and costs one Essence each time you travel, so in consideration of that, I will tell you where the rest of the Essence in Hallownest is as well.
The Dream Nail is acquired in a dream that is triggered when inspecting the Dreamers Memorial.. After a short platforming part, a shining moth gives you the Dream Nail, saying: “What a terrible fate they’ve visited upon you.”

How to Get Essence in Hollow Knight [2]

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About halfway through Hollow Knight, you’re introduced to a new set of collectibles known as Essence. There are multiple sources of this new collectible in the game
Essence is an energy you can begin harnessing right after you collect the Dream Nail. The Seer, an NPC you’ll immediately meet when you get the Dream Nail, will give you various rewards when you collect certain amounts of Essence
– 200 Essence – Entry to the Spirits’ Glade subsection. – 900 Essence – Unlock the Dreamgate Ability (A spell that opens a portal you can teleport back to for one Essence)

Hollow Knight Wiki [3]

The Dream Nail is a sacred weapon and talisman, which can cut the veil that separates the waking world from dreams.[1] It appears to have been made by the Moth Tribe.[2] The Dream Nail allows its user to not only read the thoughts of an entity, or even inanimate objects, but also enter specific sections of the Dream Realm.. Before the Knight acquires it, the blade dulled over time, making it necessary to fill it with enough Essence to awaken it.[1][3] Essence are the fragments of light that dreams are composed of.[4] Dreams can also take the shape of those who have passed away.[5] Dreams and memories cling onto the Dream Nail when Essence is collected.[6][7]
The user of the Dream Nail is referred to as the “Wielder”, an entity whose arrival the Moth Tribe had awaited.[2] The Wielder’s purpose is to collect Essence and hunt memories all across Hallownest.[10][7] Once 2400 or more Essence has been acquired, the Seer declares the Knight to be the Wielder her tribe had long dreamed of.[11]. Hold down DREAM NAIL to charge and swing the Dream Nail
– Use to set or travel to a Dreamgate (Requires 900 Essence). – Access the White Palace (Awoken Dream Nail, requires 1800 Essence)

Find Dream Bosses in Hollow Knight for 1,600 Essence [4]

There are a total of 6 dream bosses in Hollow Knight that will reward the little knight with a total of 1,600 essence. All of the dream bosses are harder versions of the original bosses and fought in the dream realm
The essence is used to upgrade the dream nail to the awoken dream nail. The awoken dream nail is used to access the White Palace, acquire part of the king’s soul charm and then eventually the good ending.
From the original fight use wall jump to get above the platform:. There is a secret breakable wall that will lead you to the body of a Maggot.

Awoken Dream Nail | Hollow Knight Wiki [5]

Allows the wielder to cut through the veil between dreams and waking. Can be used to reveal hidden dreams or open gateways.
Abilities are upgrades which impart various effects and skills that help The Knight traverse and interact with the environment in new ways. Unlike Spells, Abilities do not use SOUL or any other resources, but some may have short cooldowns or require resetting before being available for use again
With it, the Knight can gain entry into the White Palace.. – The Awoken Dream Nail can be activated by pressing down the DREAM NAIL button for The Knight to charge it before swinging it.

Reddit post and comment search [6]

Beat several dream bosses and got awoken dream nail! Also got 2400 essence. Really? 1 essence short of unlocking the awoken dream nail??? 18
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Dream Essence Hollow Knight [7]

Sep 05, 2018 You also don’t need 1800 essense to get the Shade Cloak. 1800 essence lets you access the White Palace and is needed to get Kingsoul/Void Heart, but to get the Shade Cloak all you need is the Kings Brand from beating Hornet in Kingdom’s Edge
The Radiance is the main antagonist and true final boss of the 2017 indie videogame Hollow Knight. A powerful and destructive entity, the Radiance is the being that is responsible for ruling the previous hive mind before the creation of Hallownest, while also the one responsible for causing the Infection as punishment for the bugs abandoning her laws
In particular, this guide will give the basics of dream nail use to collect essence, the total (known) essence in the game, the locations where you collect essence, and the rewards the Seer gives for reaching certain essence amounts. This guide aims to cover details regarding essence collection in Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight: Essence – Guide and Tips [8]

This guide aims to cover details regarding essence collection in Hollow Knight. In particular, this guide will give the basics of dream nail use to collect essence, the total (known) essence in the game, the locations where you collect essence, and the rewards the Seer gives for reaching certain essence amounts.
There are several first-time access points to the Resting Grounds which require different amounts of progress:. – Falling into Resting Grounds from Crystal Peak: Crystal Peak entry (from the right side of the Crossroads) requires either 1) the Lumafly Lantern (1800 Geo) + 50 Geo gate fee or 2) the Desolate Dive spell (Soul Master boss fight in City of Tears).
The fall down to the Resting Grounds is in the bottom right of Crystal Peak.. – Blue Lake entrance above Salubra’s shop in Forgotten Crossroads: Requires Super Dash (i.e

How to Get to the White Palace in Hollow Knight [9]

Throughout Hollow Knight, there are many places you’ll visit, some of which you’ll have to access through the Dream Realm, like the White Palace. The Dream Realm takes you beyond the physical world and into a new plane of existence all together
Keep reading to learn how to get to the White Palace in Hollow Knight.. Now, before you jump headfirst into trying to get to the White Palace, you’ll need to make sure you can access the Dream Realm first
In order to get the Awoken Dream Nail, you’ll need to collect 1,800 Essence, which can be used to make the Dream Nail the Awoken Dream Nail.. Now, you’ll need to locate the corpse or sleeping body that can teleport you to the location you need

How to get to the White Palace in Hollow Knight [10]

The world of Hallownest in Hollow Knight offers various locations to discover and explore. As you progress, you will uncover the lore of Hollow Knight, but few places reveal as much history as the White Palace
This may leave you wondering how to get to the White Palace in Hollow Knight.. To get to the White Palace in Hollow Knight, you will first need two items—the Awoken Dream Nail and the Monarch Wings
The Monarch Wings give you a double jump which is required to reach the Palace Grounds. Once you reach this location, head to the furthest right section of the Ancient Basin and strike the Kingsmould Corpse with the Awoken Dream Nail to access the White Palace.



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