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Tony Romo was one of the most forgettably great quarterbacks ever [1]

Tony Romo seems like an unbelievably nice man, and I think that made him hard to love. This isn’t to say there is anything wrong with being friendly — we should strive to be nice to people, I think — but because Romo was devoid of anything else that made him stand out, he came to be defined by his failings, and that’s bogus.
Romo did that as an undrafted player who was given no preferential treatment on his way to assuming the helm of America’s most scrutinized franchise.. Romo would be the perfect NFL hero if he had ever been outstanding at anything
Worse, for anyone really compelled to make a case against Romo, was the fact that he never really won much. The Cowboys were 2-4 in the playoffs under Romo, and though he wasn’t terrible in those six outings, he never had the sort of performance that solidifies a quarterback as a Great One

Cowboys vs. Patriots: Breaking Down Tom Brady, Tony Romo by Quarter [2]

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Patriots: Breaking Down Tom Brady, Tony Romo by QuarterOctober 17, 2011. Patriots: Breaking Down Tom Brady, Tony Romo by Quarter
Brady, an elite quarterback, entered the game on pace to break Dan Marino’s single-season record for passing yards. Romo, who hopes to turn the corner and become elite, was looking to brush off a second-half collapse against the Detroit Lions.
Brady has one of the best in Wes Welker, along with another solid starter in Deion Branch and a solid tight end in Rob Gronkowski.. Miles Austin is supreme and Dez Bryant is a star in the making

Tony Romo [3]

Antonio Ramiro Romo (born April 21, 1980) is an American sportscaster and former football player who was a quarterback in the National Football League (NFL) for 14 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. He played college football at Eastern Illinois University, where he made an Ohio Valley Conference championship appearance in 2001 and won the Walter Payton Award the following year
Beginning his career in a backup role, Romo served as the Cowboys’ primary starter from 2006 to 2015. He led the Cowboys to four postseason appearances during his tenure, while also receiving Pro Bowl honors amid each playoff run
Upon retiring, he was hired by CBS Sports to become the lead color analyst for their NFL telecasts.. Romo holds several Cowboys team records, including passing touchdowns, passing yards, most games with at least 300 passing yards, and games with three or more touchdown passes

20 How Many Super Bowls Did Tony Romo Play In Ultimate Guide 05 [4]

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12 Tony Romo breaks down Super Bowl LVII, plus Derek Carr drama continues and early Pro Bowl highlights [12]. Troy Kenneth Aikman (born November 21, 1966) is an American former professional football player who played as a quarterback in the National Football League (NFL) for 12 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys
He was also named MVP of Super Bowl XXVII, the franchise’s first title in over a decade. Aikman was inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006[1] and the College Football Hall of Fame in 2008.[2]

Troy Aikman vs Tony Romo Stat Comparison ✭ Inside The Star [5]

The Dallas Cowboys have always been known to have some great quarterbacks in their franchise, two examples of which are Troy Aikman and Tony Romo. These two quarterbacks are some of the most well-known players in NFL history, but which one has better stats?
With three Super Bowl wins, Troy was an icon for the Dallas Cowboys in the 1990s.. To observe some more detailed stats, we can see that Troy’s completion percentage was 61.5%
He holds a total of 15 comebacks and 20 game-winning drives.. At this point, can Tony Romo even rival him in statistics?

Tony Romo might be a splash signing, but he won’t deliver a Super Bowl [6]

For the next few days, the former face of the Dallas Cowboys will tour the NFL looking for his new home. Presumably the only criterion for Tony Romo and the teams who might wish to sign him is a Super Bowl
There are a lot of reasons why it doesn’t make sense for someone to invest in a soon-to-be quarterback who has thrown just 125 passes the last two seasons. Romo has broken a collarbone and his back in the previous two years, and seems increasingly brittle as he gets older
He has forever been November’s quarterback, putting up gorgeous regular-season statistics only to stumble in the most important games. By now the ledger of Romo failings in the big-game glow is well-known

Pro Football Hall of Fame [7]

“Nobody ever got to the top trying to have it on his best day. Football shows you how to do it when it’s not your best day.”
His leadership in areas of sports marketing and promotion not only have impacted the Cowboys profoundly, but it also has influenced the landscape of the entire National Football League and America’s sports culture.. The Cowboys’ owner, president and general manager, Jones took over the franchise in 1989 and quickly restored the winning tradition in Dallas
The first decade of the Cowboys under Jones’ guidance resulted in seven playoff appearances, six division titles, four conference championship games and becoming the first team to claim three Super Bowls in a four-season span. With Jones at the helm, the Cowboys earned victories in Super Bowls XXVII, XXVIII and XXX.

Does Tony Romo Belong In The Cowboys Ring Of Honor, And If So, Should He Be Next? [8]

Now that Tony Romo has retired and gone into broadcasting, we’re starting to look at the legacy he left in Dallas. Whenever the debate about Romo comes up, there are basically two sides to the argument
The con-Romo side says he had great stats but could never lead Dallas to the consistent playoff wins and never got them to the Super Bowl. The answer probably lies somewhere between those two extremes, but much closer to the pro-Romo thinking
Good enough for the NFL Hall of Fame? The consensus there seems to be no, without the ring, without any appearances in the Super Bowl, without any kind of dominance in the playoffs, it’s just not likely to happen. But what about the Dallas Cowboys ultimate honor, the Ring of Honor? Does Romo belong there? That’s a question that has popped up all over the place in the past couple of days.

Tony Romo surpasses Troy Aikman as Cowboys’ all-time leader for career touchdown passes [9]

Tony Romo now holds the Dallas Cowboys record for the most career touchdown passes. His fourth-quarter touchdown pass to Dez Bryant was his 166th, surpassing Troy Aikman to become the all-time franchise leader.
It took Romo 95 games since starting his career in 2006 to get this many touchdowns. Aikman needed 165 games from 1989 through 2000 to get to 165 touchdown passes
Romo entered Sunday night’s game with 24,191 yards.. As far as interceptions go, Romo has Aikman beat in that department too with 87 versus 141 for the Hall of Fame quarterback

How Many Rings Does Jimmy G Have? (2023 Updated) [10]

Jimmy Garoppolo Super Bowl rings have become a topic of interest and debate among football enthusiasts. If you’re a die-hard fan of the San Francisco 49ers, there’s no denying that Jimmy G has made a name for himself in the league
The quarterback has had many Super Bowl appearances and Jimmy has been a key part of his team’s success.. He has demonstrated what it takes to reach the pinnacle of his field at a young age.
Even though, the public is quick to criticize his inconsistent assessments, this athlete’s career has a lot to offer.. Jimmy G, also referred to as Jimmy Garoppolo, has won two rings.



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